Lighting Showroom vs Buying Online
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Nikki Klugh

Lighting Showroom vs Buying Online

Why purchase from Illuminating Interiors and not the internet?

This is a question I love to answer, not just because I am the store manager but because I want you to be well informed before making a purchase.  We all know lighting has different functions and people have different needs. Lighting can be technical and hard to understand or a decorative element to complement your space.

Words like lumens, CRI, Color temperature and beam spread are often used when talking about lighting but do you really know what they mean and how they apply to your lighting needs. I’m guessing for most of you the answer is no and especially if you haven’t bought lighting in the last 10 years.

I live and breathe lighting…literally live and breathe it!

My 25 year career has been in residential lighting and home furnishings. I am a walking library of lighting information just waiting for you to challenge my knowledge and memory. And I am not the only one; I work with three people who have the same knowledge and passion for lighting.

So are you still going to buy your lighting on the internet or visit Illuminating Interiors and speak with an expert who can help you select the best lighting for your needs or find that unique decorative chandelier you have been scouring the internet trying to find?

I’d like to share a story with you. It’s a good one so stay with me.

We had a customer purchase a chandelier from us about 6 months ago. Originally they were going to buy it online and popped in the store to see if we had it on display before they made their purchase. It just so happened we did have on display and after talking to the sales person they realized it is the same price as the web and purchased from us. Mind you we are priced the same as the web and we do price match. The customer realized the value in buying local and the comfort in knowing if they are missing a part or receive a broken piece their sales person will take care of it. The chandelier arrived at the customer’s home and they scheduled an electrician we had recommended. The house was under construction and new hardwood floors had just been installed. The electrician built the chandelier and hung by the security cable until he was ready to connect the wires and install. The cable snaps! Yes snaps! The chandelier comes crashing down on the new hardwood floors. The electrician is horrified, the customer is furious and we are on the phone with the manufacture to get the chandelier replaced and the floor fixed. The chandelier was replaced and the floor was fixed and paid for by the manufacturer after they determined the security cable was defective. The chandelier looks gorgeous over their dining room table. Can you imagine if they had purchased online? I doubt the online retailer would have fixed the floor. Now granted this sort of thing does not happen every day and it was unfortunate that the cable was not securely connected inside the chandelier but thank goodness the home owners had us to back them.

Are you still thinking about purchasing your lighting online?

Think about it. Do online retailers work with your floor plans, make house calls, help you size lighting for your space, source unique lighting for your home, communicate with your electrician to solve issues, order replacement parts and customize lighting to fit challenging spaces? My guess is NO. You are not paying anymore to buy from us, we are priced the same as online retailers…so what’s the problem? Illuminating Interiors is the biggest lighting showroom in San Diego. We have over 5000 lighting products and home furnishings and accessories on display to complement your style and space.  Not to mention a super friendly staff with a ton of lighting knowledge waiting to SHINE on you.


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