Illuminating Interiors has such a vast selection of lighting that I can work through an entire house – indoors and out. Of course, having talented and caring associates like Gary Elbert make my job joyful! Gary listens, guides, and allows me to literally bring “light” to my clients. His knowledge and experience have helped me become a better and more knowledgeable designer. His caring about each project is incredibly meaningful to me.


I always look forward to the next project knowing I will have expert help!

JMS Interiors Designer
I absolutely adore Illuminating Interiors and their endless displays of gorgeous light fixtures!  They always showcase the latest and greatest in lighting design and technology.  For times when options become a bit overwhelming, it is fantastic to have wonderfully professional and knowledgeable associates like Marlie Shields to collaborate with.  Illuminating Interiors is such a great resource- having the ability to see your light fixtures in person and discuss the functionality makes the world of difference!!
Megan Siason Designer